Preliminary Programme

The programme is subject to change.

  • Peter Carmeliet

    1 JULY 2020

    Keynote lecture: Peter Carmeliet

  • 1 JULY 2021

    Morning session: Single-cell RNAseq & SPATIAL RESOLUTION (Part 1/2)


    Florent Ginhoux

    Fatima Mechta-Girgoriou

    Charles Swanton

    Andreas Bosio

  • 1 JULY 2021

    Afternoon session: SINGLE-CELL RNASEQ & SPATIAL RESOLUTION (Part 2/2)

    Maxime Meylan
    Lisa Coussens
    John Wherry
    Miriam Merad
    Two selected abstracts
  • 2 JULY 2021

    Morning session:  Novel omics and integration

    Felix Meissner
    Diether Lambrechts 
    Francesca Finotello
    Etienne Becht 
    Two selected abstracts
  • 2 JULY 2021

    Afternoon session: Cancer, microbiome and virome

    Adrian Hayday
    Maria Rescigno
    Ravid Straussman
    Jennifer Wargo
    Bali Pulendran
    Two selected abstracts