Thursday 30th June 2022

Keynote Lecture

Charles Swanton – Cancer evolution, immune evasion and metastasis

Morning session - Single-cell RNA-seq & Spatial resolution (Part 1/2) 

Florent Ginhoux – Heterogeneity of Tumor-Associated Macrophages 

Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou – Single cell analysis reveals fibroblast clusters linked to immunotherapy resistance in cancer 

Catherine Wu – T lymphocytes in melanoma

Afternoon session - Single-cell RNA-seq & Spatial resolution (Part 2/2)

Selected abstract 2

Drew Pardoll – T cells in non-small lung cancer 

Celine Valot – Multi-omics single cell analysis of TNBC 

Eliane Piaggio – Unraveling Treg biology in human cancer 

Miriam Merad – APC molecular programs that shape tumor immunity 

John Wherry – Single cell genomics of T cell exhaustion

Friday 1st July 2022

Morning session - Novel omics and integration

Diether Lambrechts – Single-cell profiling of the tumor microenvironment during checkpoint immunotherapy 

Nicolas A Giraldo – Multispectral, multispatial UMAP analysis. 

Etienne Becht – High-throughput single-cell quantification of of proteins using conventional flow cytometry and machine learning 

Theo Hirsch – Cell plasticity and cisplatin resistance in hepatoblastoma 

Afternoon session - Cancer, microbiome and virome

Selected abstract 3 

Selected abstract 4 

Nicola Segata – Gut ecosystems and cancer prognosis  

Laurence Zitvogel – Microbiota-centered interventions for next-generation IO 

Maria Rescigno – The microbiota in colorectal cancer metastases formation 

Jennifer Wargo – The role of the gut and tumor microbiome in cancer