DAY 1 - June 30, 2022 ​

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Keynote Lecture

Charles Swanton – Cancer evolution, immune evasion and metastasis


Morning Session: Single-Cell RNA-Seq & Spatial Resolution (Part 1/2) ​

10H10 - Charles-Antoine Dutertre – Heterogenity of Tumor - Associated  Macrophages

10H35 - Coffee Break

11H05 - Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou – Single cell analysis reveals fibroblast clusters linked to immunotherapy resistance in cancer

11H30 - Lucas Blanchard  High endothelial venules: specialized blood vessels for lymphocyte entry into tumors


Lunch Break


Symposium Miltenyi Biotec

12H15 - 13H45

Afternoon session: Single-Cell RNA-Seq & Spatial Resolution (Part 2/2)​

14H00 - Drew Pardoll – T cells in non-small lung cancer

14H25 - Celine Vallot – Multi-omics single cell analysis of TNBC

14H50 - Eliane Piaggio – Immune landscape of rhabdoid tumors: non-genetic mechanisms of tumor immunogenicity

15H15 - Coffee Break

15H45 - Wolf Hervé Fridman - Shaping of B cell immunity in the tumor microenvironment

16H10 - Julie Helft - Macrophage subsets and T cell immunity in breast cancer

16H35 - Jennifer Wargo The role of the gut and tumor microbiome in cancer


Gala Dinner

Bateaux Parisiens

Port de la Bourdonnais, ponton 5 bis


DAY 2 – July 1, 2022 ​

Morning session: Novel Omics And Integration ​

9H30 - Diether Lambrechts – Single-cell profiling of the tumor microenvironment during checkpoint immunotherapy

9H55 -  Aymeric Silvin – Dual ontogeny of disease-associated microglia and disease inflammatory macrophages in ageing and neurodegeneration

10H20 - Coffee Break

10H50 - Nicolas A Giraldo – Multispectral, multispatial UMAP analysis. 

11H15 - Etienne Becht – Spatial transcriptomic analysis of the adaptive immune response to tumors

11H40  - Theo Hirsch – Cell plasticity and cisplatin resistance in hepatoblastoma 


Lunch Break


Afternoon session: cancer, microbiome and virome

14H00 - Abstract n°1 - Cecile Alanio Immune evolution of glioblastoma tumors under combination of EGFRvIII CAR T cells and anti-PD1 therapies

14H20 - Abstract n°2 - Wei Xie Role of apoptotic executioner caspase 3/7 in intestinal inflammation

14H40 -  Abstract n°3 - Emese Zsiros Multi-omics approach unveils etiology underlying recurrent ovarian cancer patient response to anti-PD1 combination therapy

15H00 - Andrew Maltez Thomas – A multi-cohort view of the gut microbiome in cancer

15H25 - Coffee Break

15H55 - Laurence Zitvogel – Microbiota-centered interventions for next-generation IO 

16H20 - Maria Rescigno – The microbiota in colorectal cancer metastases formation